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"Creekside is one solid hole after another, with a few exceptional ones in the mix.  The 14th may be the toughest par 4 in the state.  18 is a great gambling finish for all."

-Ron Whitten Golf Digest


Golf is about Character

The character of each individual landscape is the driving force behind a Richard Mandell Golf Architecture project. Richard does not have a set design standard when he sits down at the drawing board. The site is what ensures individuality among his projects. Site character gives each project the spirit and identity all golfers truly seek out in a round of golf.  

Because he allows the land to dictate his design and doesn't let a 'signature look' affect his decisions, Richard's true signature is what the ground itself reveals and is apparent in his versatility from site to site.    Every step in the design process is derived from the attributes of the land.  The result is a clear vision of a great product, clearly communicated to the client.   

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