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"Mr. Mandell's realistic approach to combine the general principles of the game, site change orders, course maintainability, and player-pleasing aesthetics is the best in the business."

-William Bryan | Bryan & Son Contractors

Land Planning

Whether building a new residential golf community or renovating an existing golf course winding through real estate, Richard Mandell's background as both a golf course architect and registered landscape architect in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Minnesota give him the unique ability to provide all-encompassing designs in all facets of residential and golf development. 

Some factors considered in RMGA's Landing Planning practice include:

1. "Highest and best use" of property

2. Creating a strong sense of community and synergy between residential and golf

3. Conservation of wetlands, endangered or sensitive species and their habitats

4. Amenities outside of golf

5. Other land planning considerations

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