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"Richard brought us a business plan approach that matched our priorities where others had not.  He gave us the tools to bring our plan into such sharp focus it met with almost universal approval."

-Gregg Scott | Director of Golf, Army Navy Country Club

Tree Management Plan

Richard Mandell Golf Architecture can guide clubs and courses in a Tree Mangement/Removal Program to determine what trees need to be removed, replaced, pruned, or otherwise based on the following factors:

1. Safety of the golfer
2. Overall health of tree
3. Effect on golf course turf growth
4. Other maintenance concerns
5. Strategic effect on the golf hole
6. Aesthetics
8. Other considerations

Richard Mandell will write a detailed assessment of his findings. Included in the report will be a general introduction describing his rationale for tree assessment and goals for the program based upon his professional knowledge as a Certified Arborist and Golf Course Architect.


Richard will also include a hole by hole report that wll spell out specific reasons for decisions made where appropriate and direction moving forward with each golf hole regarding trees.  A preliminary report will be sent to club officials for review and comment. A final report will be sent upon receipt and consideration of those comments.

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