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"I found Richard to be very attentive to our needs and goals. He listened to our member's comments during focus groups and course walk-throughs. Richard and his staff have exceeded our expectations."

-Bruce McIntyre, Director of Golf, Hyannis Golf Course

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Golf Course Shaping Services | Craftsmanship

Attention to detail.  Striving to make all the pieces fit together seamlessly.  Tirelessly pursuing the best possible solution no matter the problem.  These are all ways to describe a team that thrives on craftsmanship from the drawing board to the field, Richard Mandell Golf Architecture.  


​The RMGA Team’s focus is never-ending when it comes to each and every project.  Starting with a firm foundation of base material coupled with detailed study of a site, RMGA not only endeavors to ensure design solutions work on paper, the team takes advantage of those efforts to make everlasting improvements in the field as well, allowing for the best possible solutions to be achieved.  


​Led by long-time shaper and project representative Marc Burger, the RMGA Team shapes on-site, crafting golf features which seamlessly blend with the ground.  They focus on connecting natural characteristics of ground features into the strategy of each hole. Richard Mandell knows that the best effort produced by his team is the detailed feature shaping and bunker construction in the field that transforms into award-winning, memorable golf holes.


Specific RMGA services covered under the task of Golf Course Shaping include:

  • Complete shaping of all golf holes including all golf course features such as tees, greens, sand bunkers and other hazards, and fairways as well as all practice facilities.

  • Finalize all putting surface sub-grades and final surfaces utilizing box-blades and sand-pros.

  • Final shaping dozer pass of all areas of shaping upon irrigation installation.

  • Final box blade float of all fairway areas.

  • Work closely with the Golf Course Contractor on a daily basis to maximize efficiencies and time to mutually meet the project deadline.

The RMGA Team can also provide Project Representative services during construction of the golf course portions of the project.  Specific services covered include:

  • Review of construction specifications and documents prior to construction to coordinate the construction process with golf course contractors.

  • Daily communication during the construction process with the entire project team and to keep everyone abreast of any upcoming critical decisions that must be made as a regular course of action throughout the golf course construction process.

  • Act as a liaison between the Client and the Golf Course Contractor through daily site meetings with all parties to review the day’s schedule and address any issues which require resolution.

  • Act as a liaison between the Client, Richard, and the Golf Course Contractor to review proposed change orders to ensure their necessity beyond what is already expected of the construction contract. 

  • Conduct weekly meetings with the Client and the Golf Course Contractor to review the past week’s progress, construction costs, and the following week’s schedule.

  • Communicate directly with Richard on a daily basis to review the construction progress, discuss any pending revisions to the design, and work through specific shaping tasks per RMGA construction documents.

  • Work directly with Golf Course Contractor to ensure that all critical construction benchmarks are achieved per the construction schedule.

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