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Marc Burger, an independent contractor, has been shaping golf courses for Richard Mandell Golf Architecture for more than a decade.  In that time, the collaboration between Marc and Richard has garnered award-winning work in three states and counting, including a 2019 ASGCA Design Excellence Award for his work on Richard's new Braemar Golf Course in Edina, Minnesota as well as GolfInc's Best In Show for Bacon Park Golf Course in Savannah, Georgia in 2016 and Most Improved Course in the State of South Carolina for the decade between 2005 - 2015 for Orangeburg Country Club (awarded by the South Carolina Rater's Panel).


Marc has had a successful hand in all aspects of golf course construction for more almost thirty years, making him much more valuable to Richard Mandell Golf Architecture than just for his shaping expertise.  Marc brings to every project his experience as a Project Manager, whether he is in that role or not.  After years of observing how things are done on site, Marc always has an eye on improving efficiencies in the field with the contractor and client, maintaining aggressive construction schedules, and ensuring field adjustments provide actual value to the client.

But Marc's shaping is what puts Richard Mandell Golf Architecture over the top and has been a major reason for RMGA's success.  Long before this age of young-buck shapers-turned designers era the industry finds itself in, Marc led the charge of collaborative shaping with Richard and others through his complete understanding of the entire process.  Through great insight into Richard's goals in the field regarding playability and strategy and a full embrace of the golden-age details Richard strives for in every task, Marc Burger brings a wealth of talent and experience to every RMGA project.

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